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Quilter's Dream Bus Trip to Paducah, KY Quilt Show 2020

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    Extra touristing before and after

    My neighbor and I are coming from Oregon. We have loved Missouri Star for years and are eager to visit Hamilton and all the other places on this tour--as well as meeting all of you. Because we live so far away and love learning about our country and world we are fying into Kansas City on Thursday evening and then will be flying out of St. Louis on Monday morning so that we have a bit of time to explore both cities. There are some websites that give ideas of what to do in both places but if any of you know about these cities I would love to heard of some of the things you know about. I am also particularly interested in visiting in Independence as I recently read the Accidental President about Harry Truman. Thanks for any of your ideas. It might be easier and less cluttered if you email me at [email protected]

    I too am coming from far away. Spokane Washington. We are almost neighbors



    Quilter's Dream Bus Trip to Paducah, KY Quilt Show 2020

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    This is a group for all the participants signed up for our first ever Paducah Bus tour, hosted by Missouri Star. We will pick you up in Kansas City and Drop you off in St. Louis.
    This is for you to find roommates for on your own hotel days etc.
    get to know each other! It is going to be a BLAST!
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