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    Whitnee is herself again!

    I talked with Whitnee's grandmother last night and she is so excited to report that our sweet Whitnee is back to her old self....finally after 2 years! She is doing well with summer classes, starting to add to her schedule as strength increases, got her hair cut in a new cute style, and seems so very happy and normal once again! Thanks will never be enough! She is still on a restricted diet, but is still eating by mouth. The best news is she has moved on and is no longer waiting for her gut to fail her yet again! Praises to God and thanks to everyone for all your prayers! A miracle has been received!

    Praise The Lord! Thanks for the great news. We will continue to keep her in our prayers.


      This is awesome news!!!


        Wonderful news... faith is a good thing, and having friends in her corner is a huge plus!!
        "Each day well-lived and Happy;
        that's all there is to Life!"


        Quilt for Whitnee

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        We will each make 1 or 2 blocks (depending on the size of the volunteers. If someone could volunteer to quilt it, I will sew them all together.
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