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Quilt for Whitnee

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    Grandma's Thank you

    The card reads.......What a wonderful world this would be.......if everyone were as nice as you! Thank you! And she adds for all of you......Thanks for the beautiful quilt and all the love, prayers and thoughts you put into this gift of caring. She is using it daily and enjoying the comfort it brings to her healing. God is Great for He Answers Our Prayers for Our Families. Thanks again! Whitnee's grandma

    what a nice note... you were a super gal for thinking of this!! B
    "Each day well-lived and Happy;
    that's all there is to Life!"


    Quilt for Whitnee

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    We will each make 1 or 2 blocks (depending on the size of the volunteers. If someone could volunteer to quilt it, I will sew them all together.
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