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    Arlene Edwards Flu

    My elderly mother, Arlene Edwards, is a paraplegic and has been in a nursing home half the United States away from me for over a decade. My sister just let me know that she has the flu and several other elderly residents have already died.

    I love my mother. Please pray for her and all our family.
    Stash Treasure Acquisitions Beyond Life Expectancy. My stash keeps me STABLE, oh yeah.... and dark chocolate.

    Will keep your mother in my prayers. The flu can be terrible, my mom died from it's complications.

    Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


      Saying prayers for your mother Arlene,


        Prayers sent for your mother Arlene.
        I am a quilter and my house is in pieces.


          Praying for your mom's and the rest of the family. Also praying for all residents.


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