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Pillowcases for Louisiana's kids

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    I just want to thank each one of you who have sent pillowcases for this drive. Between this forum and another Facebook quilter's site, I presently have almost 600 pillowcases in my guest room to be tagged and sorted! School has started for Livingston Parish last Monday, my teacher friend is currently getting together a head count of boys and girls. I have asked a teacher from French Settlement to do the same! I will give each school this week to get settled into their 2nd first week of school this year, then my friend and I will take them to the schools next week. I just cannot express how thrilled I am to have met and exceeded the goal. I have decided that if there are any leftover and not enough for an entire classroom, I am going to donate them to a child advocate at a CPS office locally. It will be a nice gift of comfort for a child that has to be taken out of their homes for whatever reason. Thank you all again! Your generosity will be a blessing to a child and you will be blessed in return!
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    That is great news, Julie!
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      I forgot to take pics of mine...I guess I'll open the box then send them.


        I don't know why I can't add pictures where the other pictures are...?


        Pillowcases for Louisiana's kids

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        This group was created as a base for communication for volunteers that would like to make some kids pillowcases for the smallest flood victims of the August 2016 south Louisiana flooding.
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