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Needy Keikies/Children of Waianae, Hawaii

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    Final Drop Off to Church - Feb 15th 2013

    We were able to make 14 more complete outfits for boys and an additional 59 boy/girl single clothing packaged items for the Keikies of Waianae Church donation. Don dropped off the 7 boxes on Feb 15th to the Church. The Sisters will be handing them out to the Samoan and Micronesian children after Mass on Sunday. We won't be able to attend as we will be busy packing as our move date is nearing quickly.

    Mahalo to all of you Cyber Angels who have helped over the last five months to cloth the homeless and poor Keikies in Makaha and Waianae on Oahu. You don't know how much this has meant to Don and I in our new home the last two years. In some ways we are leaving Hawaii with a heavy heart. We're known as Auntie Ruby and Uncle Don to the little ones around here, in the Yellow BananaTang. Uncle Don always a big hit with the kids, if we come with the Mustang, 'cause he fills the car up with Keikies and gives them a ride in the BananaTang.

    Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

    Huggers, Ruby and Don
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    Ruby, when are you leaving? I may have missed it on a thread. Good luck with your trip and it sounds like where you are going to is where you are supposed to be. You 'dun' good things while in Hawaii and have left such a positive mark. It was truly an honor to contribute to this project, one that you have put so much love and energy into.....


      Cynthia, we're leaving on the 27th and arriving in Atlanta at 7:10 am. It will be great to hug the kids and grandkids, especially for Don 'cause he hasn't seen them since August.

      Thank you for being such a wonderful Cyber Angel Cynthia! This project with over 300 completed outfits plus 100 gently used clothes could not have happend without the help of all the MSQC Cyber Angels who showed their love for the Keikies of Waianae Group.

      Huggers and <3 Ruby
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      Needy Keikies/Children of Waianae, Hawaii

      About this Group

      We are collecting clothing to ship to Church of Waianae for the Christmas Celebration - Ext. Deadline: Nov. 30, 2013

      Please note change: New Clothing or Machine Sewn Clothing Only...Thank You!

      Mailing Address:

      Ruby &amp; Don Schmer
      1720 Mars Hill Rd. 3-866
      Acworth, GA 30101

      - - - - - - -

      This is an ongoing group to help the homeless or under-privilage children of Waianae, Hawaii. This particular area of Oahu is located out in the country and is the poorest area county of Honolulu/Oahu.

      Our church is having a hard time collecting clothing and shoes for the children that attend our parrish. Since we're on a rock in the middle of the ocean, our resources are limited.

      Some of the MSQC Angels have made pillowcase dresses, simple elastic boy shorts, others find clearance sales, some send $5 PayLess Shoes gift cards.

      This is our local charity project that is dear to our hearts as we see the little ones regularly at our church.

      Huggers, Ruby
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