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    Cotton Webbing and machine embroidery

    I need to make a fake dog collar (not for a real doggie) and I was wondering if I could do some machine embroidery on some cotton webbing I have. Specifically I'm wondering if polyester thread will work with cotton webbing. Also, is stabilizer needed? What kind? I've tried Googling the answers but have had zero luck.

    I am one of those 'try it and see if it works' kind of people. I would say if I can machine embroider through several thicknesses of cotton fabric, batting, and a Pellon 71F foam core as well as a tear-away stabilizer that it could easily be done. My main concern would be keeping the webbing straight so the lettering was straight. Otherwise, go for it. Maybe use 505 as a temporary way to hold it to a tear-away stabilizer. The poly thread should be just fine.
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      Yes, it should work fine.

      I would hoop a piece of sticky stabilizer. Cut out enough of the paper backing to lay the cotton webbing on it. Center and/or the EMB design. Use a wash away stabilizer topping over the cotton webbing. It will prevents the lettering from sinking down into webbing.

      Good luck!


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