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    Wash or not?

    I'm making some tea towels to be sold on consignment and I'm using water soluble stabilizer. Should I wash the towels before taking them to the shop or cut the stabilizer down and print some washing instructions? I definitely don't want the towels to look used.

    Anyone have some wonderful suggestions?
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    Sandy, I have made towels, too, with water soluable. Usually most of it tears off, but if there is any residue left, and you are consigning, I think I'd wash them. If there is just a bit left, you might be able to spray with water and peel it off.
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      If you wash them, you could put a note on them saying they have been washed to make them free of the stabilizer.

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        If you don't want to wash them, spray it a bit to dissolve the stabilizer. Then iron.


          A note of caution about spraying with water ... I tried this when trying to get water soluble stabilizer off a baby quilt. It became an ooey, gooey mess and I ended up washing on a short wash cycle - no detergent. It came out great!!



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