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    I noticed that for embroidery they say change needles often so they are nice and sharp. I've also read that the topstitch needles made by Superior last longer than regular needles (I bought some of those too).

    My question is how often do you change your needles? Assuming you are using cotton not too heavy and your working on projects that only take around 10000 to 20000 stitches. Generally how many projects do you think you can get done before you need to change the needle?
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    I've heard that 8 hours of stitching were enough to warrant a change of needles.
    Some say change after every 'project'.

    I change whenever I feel I am not getting a good stitch.
    I love Superior needles, but have just as good success with others.
    If I'm stitching out something with very small lettering I opt for the Janome red tip needles.

    It is definitely a user's choice out there.
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      Since I bought 100 needles on a MassDrop I change mine much more frequently -- after large projects, and whenever I hear the needle popping into the fabric.


        I made four stuffed owls - each about 6 inches tall or so -- and used one needle for all. That being said, whenever I see a problem with my stitching, I will change the needle (and often will clean out in the bobbin area, which helps also.). I have been using Schmetts titanium embroidery needles that I buy at Joanns with a 50% - 60% off coupon. I have read that titanium lasts longer than other needles. I also use them for sewing, piecing and sometimes FMQ. They work well for me and my machine.


          Hummm I guess I was hoping to get more out of it. So far I've gotten around 4 project done before I start seeing things start to go down hill. I was hoping I could get 8 to 12 done with the titanium needles. I guess not. I suppose I should make sure I change the needle for the most part only before I do an embroidery or schedule to do an embroidery first anytime I change the needle. After doing embroidery I would think I could get the extra use from it by doing my quilt piecing. For my long arm quilting I usually change that needle after every other project (then I have to toss them out because they don't fit my regular sewing machine). Just trying to think of ways I can get more bang for the buck with my needles.

          Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


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