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    How do you store EMB thread?

    Just checking to see how you store EMB threads?

    Do you use trays, boxes, pegboard? By color or number?

    Do you use the colors shown for designs or just use your imagination?

    I currently have 3 different brands and store them in the Elfa wire basket system. They are sorted by brand first and then sorted by colors. The XP/Exquisite threads fit on plastic trays in the drawers. Brother thread is a tight fit on the trays but will work. The Floriani threads are just set on a piece of foam board in the drawer again sorted by colors.

    It's easy to choose colors and they stay fairly neat on a good day! LOL..

    Have you used the Alex drawers from Ikea for storage?

    I bought two of these on a free shipping day, but I don't remember them being that much. I have a gecko problem so everything needs to go in boxes pretty much.
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      Right now I have all my threads in a narrow rolling shelf. It was my mom's and she had it in between the washer and dryer. I have them sorted by colors. I have 'maybe' 4 spools that are a different brand, but they are all mixed in with the Metro thread that I use.

      When I get my sewing room done, I'm going to open up a wall and make narrow shelves in between the studs for my threads. Then I'll have shutters for doors to keep out the light and dust.


        I have an old thread rack I used for bulk weaving years ago. It works pretty well for my embroidery threads too. As you can see I don't have a whole lot of threads and most are of the same brand. Usually I have it separated by colors but I was doing a batch of things recently and they got all mixed up.
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          I have plastic boxes with a spool thing that sticks up. Two are full of Mettler thread I bought cheap when Hancock fabrics went bankrupt. They are divided by color. I have a little larger plastic box for spools. I have my Isacord spools in that. All plastic boxes I bought at Joann's with a 50% or 60% off coupon. Gotta love those coupons!!! All boxes have attached lids and work really well. I also have another box with all my cotton thread for quilting.


            I use the folding plastic cases from JoAnn's that open like a book. Never purchase without the coupon. My space is very limited so I can just pull them out by the case. I had thought of writing the numbers on the cases but just as sure as I do that something will change. I also have one of the larger cases with a fold back top and the spool holders for the Bottom line spools and cones. As for using the specified colors from the design chart, if I have them then of course, if not I try to come as close as I can. I hit the jackpot at a JoAnn's that was going out of business about a year ago. Let's just say there was not a color I did not come home without if it was in the store! At $1.10 each what was a person supposed to do!!


              Great idea Snippet - I'm going to look into that. Right now I have my thread in plastic wheeled container with drawers and kind of color arranged - but they get mixed up all the time (because I'm lazy and don't put them back right) and then they fall over when I pull the drawer out.


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