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    Stabilizer Advice

    I have a 9X9 X 9X9 size hoop and would like to purchase Tearaway stabilizer. When I purchased my Janome 400e the supplier sent me a roll of Floriani Tearaway. Now it's my turn to buy some. What brand, supplier, roll or sheets, do you all buy? Looking for the best price and correct size for my hoop.
    I will be buying Cutaway and Water Soluble as well. Do you use the same brand or do you find you have favorite brands for each stabilizer you use.
    In addition, I am using Thread Art polyester embroidery thread. Do any of you use Rayon? What brand thread do you use?
    Since I am very new to machine embroidery I have many questions. Thank you in advance for your patience and assistance.

    I've been buying from and had really good results with their products and service. I like them because the price is cheap, but the product isn't. Plus, they have stabilizer sheets. I hate buying it on rolls and having to deal with the stabilizer curling when I try to hoop.

    For thread, I use thread. It's polyester too. My machine likes it as well.


      I purchase rolls of stabilizer from Amazon for my larger hoops, more economical. I also use Sulky which I usually purchase with a coupon at Joann's. Thread Art worked for me but only at slower speeds. I like Hemingworth, Sulky, Guttermann threads, also the Maderia rayons for special projects Check out this web site and sign up for the newsletter, lots of info and projects, they just finished a series on stabilizers which you will find there .


        Welcome to the world of Embroidery! It's a fun and challenging hobby.

        I like the sheets of tear away as they are just the right size and can be stored flat. It's easy to hoop one and be ready for the next project. There is also stabilizer called no show mesh which works well and doesn't add weight to the project. It can be left in place and quilted over when finished with the design. It can be purchased on rolls.

        Here is a link to the Floriani site. It has a troubleshooting guide and a stabilizer work book if you are interested. I use it for reference purposes.

        I've used the XP-Poly , Floriani and Brother brand threads. Run about 18 inches off the spool and see how long it takes to break. There is a difference in threads.

        Hope that helps...Have fun with your projects!


          I purchased some water soluble to embroider some lace ornaments. It called for Ultra and by mistake they sent the regular which I didn't notice. Not good since the stitching eventually tore through the soluble. Just something to consider when purchasing. Eventually I got around it by using a double layers.

          Have fun with your machine :-)

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