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    Anita Goodesign?

    I have been looking at her web site. Anyone use her designs? Comments, pros, cons. Slightly expensive maybe? Are they for those of us who are not professionals?

    Carolyn - I have several of their DVDs and have attended one of their two-day work sessions (a whole lot of fun if you ever see one in your area). Their designs are very well done and stitch out really well. The only issue I have is that I have so many I will never be able to sew them all - and I've bought many because I like them but still haven't taken the time to stitch them. While their work sessions are fun, there are a lot of techniques they teach that I don't think I'd ever use. But they gave away some wonderful gifts and had a drawing where one of the attendees won a gorgeous embroidery machine.
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      I also have gone to a few of their weekend events. They are a lot of fun and you go home with a lot of designs and tips. I signed up for a year and got the quilting and embroidery files they put out for the next year plus a bunch of designs just for signing up. Like Sandy said, more than I'd ever stitch. The designs I have used are well done. They make such a variety of things in a variety of ways too.

      If your local LQS sells Anita Goodesign, it's worth it to pick up a collection and give them a try. You can also find them on Ebay and now the company is selling online too. If you can go to a workshop, go and see what they are about. It's really an event with a lot of inspiration.


        I, too, have used several Anita Goodesign DVD's. I am using a couple of the designs from "Northwoods" on a baby quilt I am making. I have quite a lot of her DVD's because a friend and I went to one of their embroidery parties and ended buying into one of their clubs for a year. Like Sandy and Carol said, a lot of stuff I will never use - ever. I would encourage you to check out the website and see if there is an embroidery party coming to your area. They have 4 a year, each with a different theme. I believe they usually publish dates and locations quarterly -- right now they have the first quarter on their website. I am going to one March 17 & 18. This will be my 3rd party and I keep telling myself that I am not allowed to purchase anything this time. Well, it starts the day after my birthday so maybe just a little something -- maybe?


          Some of my first ventures with EMB machine were using AG designs. I've stitched many of the designs and made about 8 quilts and a baby book for my grandson. Designs stitch out beautiful.Tutorials are included so you can see step by step instructions.

          I just got home from a 2 day event using AG designs and had a great time. The designs are discounted at the show so it's a wonderful opportunity to gather a few. There are different techniques to learn. Plus they offer something for everyone; projects, quilting, clothing emb, etc. It's hard to choose your favorites.

          Jump right in and get your toes wet. You will love it!



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