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    embroidery pattern for a pot holder done in the hoop

    I have been searching and searching for days trying to find a tutorial about making a pot holder in the hoop. I was sure I had saved it in my favorites folder, but now I can't find it anywhere in my computer. It looks like a fruit pie with a lattice crust. I think it used an in the hoop embroidery design from Embroidery Library, but modified it by putting a "fruit" fabric in it and then making a lattice crust. The edges were scalloped and it also had insul-brite inside. Has anyone else seen this tutorial and perhaps saved the URL site? I think I saw it on Facebook and click on the link.

    There are several shown on Pinterest and Etsy - but I haven't been able to find the lattice one for an in-the-hoop project. There are several potholders available for ITH on Embroidery Garden:
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      I remember Jean made some pot holders like this, but it was the fabric that made it look like a lattice fruit pie.


        This one has a scalloped edge but it's not ITH.


          Thanks for those of you who answered. None of those are the ones. I think I will just try and digitize it myself in my software, but I will keep looking. Maybe it will pop up in the future.


            This showed up in my inbox today, might be something you can use?


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