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    Embroidered quilt blocks

    I want to make an embroideried Christmas table runner with Anita goodesign on point pattern. I just can't get it in my head how all this works. Do you put the blocks together and then add one solid piece on the back? Do you embroidery the block like a sandwich? Then, how do you not have seams?

    I'm totally new to this, so I need simple.

    Connie Jo, it's all done in the hoop. One piece of fabric and stitch at a time. Look on YouTube it will show you. It's fun.


      Connie Jo, I went to an Anita Goodesign embroidery party last year. Check on their website to see if there is one coming up in your area. They are really fun and they usually do several types of embroidery projects. You share a machine so you don't get everything that you make, but whatever you do make you keep. The most important point of the parties is that you learn right there how to do different projects.

      If you have an Anita Goodesign CD that you want to use for your project, there are complete instructions for doing the projects on the CD. A lot of times I will print them off so I have the pictures right in front of me.

      Did you finish those snowman blocks yet?


        Making the blocks is easy. But yeah, they don't tell you how to join the blocks to make the quilt or table runner.

        I think most people sew the blocks together and then sew a backing on the project so it will hide all the stitches on the backside.

        Make sure after you finish your blocks that you trim the blocks 1/2", not 1/4". You'll need it extra in the seam.


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