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    multi needle embroidery machines

    I was wondering if anyone out there has a multi needle embroidery machine that they could comment on. My dealer sells Janome, Elna, and Babylock multi needle embroidery machines and I am interested in maybe getting one. I know I cannot afford the 10 needle one (WAY OUT OF PRICE LINE FOR ME). I noticed that the Janome I believe has the 6 needle machine, and the Elna has a 4 needle machine. but the Babylock offers 1, 6 and 10 needle machines. I know Janome has a wonderful following here and are supposed to be great machines. Elna I guess is made by Janome, but have no feedback on those at all.
    I have been embroidering on my Babylock Ellisimo Gold 2, it is great but I am wondering if getting an embroidery only machine would help keep my other one from wearing out !!!! If anyone could comment on any information regarding these machines I would be grateful. I figure they start at $5000 and up to $19,000, which there is no way I could ever justify owning. I just love to embroider and do not want to give it up, and would really like the idea of the hat embroidery also.

    I so lusted after a multi-needle machine - until I stood back and took a realistic assessment of my lust and the possibilities . . . I have a friend who has the Babylock (I don't know all the parameters of that machine) and he's used it just a few times. Granted, it is a wonderful machine, but how often would you really use it? Going into a business? Maybe - but that wasn't my 'bag' when I was looking.
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      That is what I am worried about to a degree, I just LOVE to embroider and thought it might save my machine some stress. I spend at least 3/4 of the time embroidering, but maybe it would just be as safe in a couple of years buying a new machine, although that is quite a bit of money. I am also looking at the embroidery only machine, it will only do flat material but it might be another way to go, and much cheaper. I have looked at the Spirit by Babylock, and would be cheaper in the long run, but just like a sewing machine not a multi needle application. I am just trying to find a way not to wear out my machine too soon, I already have over 7 million stitches on the poor thing, and I have only had it for about a year. Being retired has allowed me to sew and create things every day.


        I have a friend that got a 10 needle machine. She got it to go into business. She makes all kinds of team stuff, you can do hats easily. She's in a small town, so she's not competing with a mall. We had a had a hat shop that tried on this tiny island. It was gone in a second.
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          Unless you are going into business making
          embroidery products there is no reason to
          purchase this type of embroidery machine.
          This is a very pricey machine for a few
          home projects.


            I have to agree with the others unless your making a business out of it I see no advantage of a multi needle machine. Yes it done it quicker and you can load all your thread colors but for me the price doesn't justify it.
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              I think you guys are right, too much money for what I get. I will just look at an embroidery only sewing machine to go with my Ellisimo Gold 2 machine. I will, for fun, go look and try out the machines at my dealer, and unless they get a used machine at a VERY GOOD price, I will have to pass. I also think I will purchase a 10 - 15 thread stand, that might help with getting things ready to go on some of my projects.
              $5000 to $8000 can buy a lot of embroidery thread, not to mention stabilizers.
              Thanks for your input.


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