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    Hiding the backside of the stitching

    I was at the dollar store looking for who knows what, when I saw these recycled tote bags. I thought I could embroider a design on them and they'd be cute fast gifts.

    So I stitched some small easy designs onto each bag. I had to rip out the side seams of the bag so I could hoop it and get it under my machine. It was really easy and they came out cute. But the inside of the bag wasn't so cute. I thought I could put a small piece of muslin over the backside of the design would make it much cleaner. Well my idea sucked. or rather my application sucked. I used Wonder Under which works great, but an iron and the tote bag don't work out at all.

    I now have this plastic-y stuff on my iron and one ruined tote bag. Good thing the design wasn't big and the bag was just a dollar.

    Sometimes that gunk will peel off the iron base after it cools. I'd try a magic eraser . . .

    As for the tote bags - not knowing their design, would it be possible to put a lining in them before you sew the seams back up?
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      As soon as I realized what I had done I turned off the iron to cool it. I sure didn't want to cook it anymore. I haven't tried anything yet, I couldn't face it today. Maybe tomorrow.

      The lining is a good idea. I can work up a sample and see how it works out. Thanks!


        Maybe you can use a piece of fabric to match the color
        of your tote on the inside which may camaflouge
        your design. Also use the same color thread as your tote
        in your bobbin.


          If I think the back side of an embroidery is going to show I use matching thread in the bobbin and wash away or tear away stabilizer.


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