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    I have taken a few notes

    There are NO papers for making the project that are reasonable in price. So I have started making my own. I have made a set of templates from plastic and trace that onto freezer paper. I am still having issues with my stitches not showing. I think I need to do this with a magnifying glass.
    Any hints or tips about tracing my designs? And how do I keep my stitches from showing?
    Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.

    Ever since I started doing the technique in this video I have been MUCH happier with not seeing my stitches. I don't tape pieces but I do sew them together from the back.


      I was taught using whip stitch and have always done it that way. After watching the video, I thought that maybe I was not noticing that my stitches were showing so I grabbed my work and really yanked at it. They don't show at all - my mother was a perfectionist and certainly wouldn't have allowed us to have stitches showing. I do use thread colours that are vaguely similar to the fabric colours - one spool each of green, red and blue and a creamy colour.

      For my papers I use regular office standard paper and they bend/fold very easily. I don't reuse them. When I have finished with them they don't show any signs of having been stabbed by my needle round the edge (from the whip stitching) apart from the tacking of the papers into the fabric, but they are very soft and I don't think they are suitable for reuse.

      My clover clips have come into their own. I really appreciate the way they hold the work in place

      Next week I will be joining my three big medallions together - my first venture into major joining. Fingers are crossed.


        Oh thank you for the video! I will be trying this.
        I would like to perfect whip stitching. I think I need a smaller needle or bigger eyes. I will be searching for more light, matching thread, and perhaps higher magnification readers for this intricate work. Thank you both for your input!
        Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.


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