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    What's your favorite EPP thread??? And why???

    I'm new to EPP....and I wanted to know what kind of thread everyone uses.....and why??? I'm currently using Gutterman white hand quilting that ok?? Also what size needle do you use? ?

    Thanks for your time. ...

    Priscilla Lujan
    Los Angeles, CA:icon_cool:

    Hi! I LOVE EPP! I use tiny thread - Masterpiece #50/2-ply from Superior Threads. Hand quilting thread is just too thick for me. I also use a teeny needle to go with - Clover applique sharps #9. These are what I use for applique, and when I took up EPP I just used those too, and they've worked out great. The small thread makes a nearly invisible seam. and the small needles go through really easily. They're almost impossible to thread by hand (for me, anyway) so I use a clover or bohin desktop needle threader.

    Happy to hear from someone who loves EPP, too! Post some pics - I'd love to see what you're making! And - everything is "OK"! Just do what works for you!

    -- Pam
    Pam in the Boneyard - Georgia expat in Cleveland Ohio. Howdy y'all! :icon_wave:

    If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way your mom told you to in the first place



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