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    Question on Fabric Color

    Ok, I'm still on Clue #1. I've made my 280 HSTs, cut out my black squares. Now I need to cut out the yellow. I bought the yellow "constant" fabric that Bonnie used, but I am wondering if I want to use it with a variety of yellows from my stash. Anyone who's further along have any thoughts? Are others using a variety of yellows? I'd love any feedback!

    Forgot to add, I haven't looked at the pictures here not wanting to ruin the mystery part for myself. This is my first MQ with anyone so I'm a bit nervous!
    See what I'm sewing at

    I am using several yellows, my constant colors will be black and white. It's your quilt, make it your way!


      my yellow is all the same and more of a mustard
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        I am using ALL yardage, so just one fabric of each color.


          I, too, am using yardage so I'm only working with six fabrics.
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            I am using constant fabric for the yellow and black, with the neutrals, aqua, and greens being a mix of several fabrics. I think I like the 2 constants so far...hard to tell, it's a mystery!
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              Thanks for the replies. I'm feeling a bit better with the mystery of it all. Especially since I am almost done with Clue 1 and peeked at Clue 2!
              See what I'm sewing at


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