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    I'm currently up to my eyeballs in half-square triangles. Since I'm home I don't have access to my scraps to make a scrappy quilt but I managed to find enough fabrics (minus one) in my stash here at home to construct the mystery quilt. I just need to make a run to Joann's for background fabrics since I'm not satisfied with the one I came up with from my stash.

    I'm not using Bonnie's color scheme. I will probably keep this quilt and so I selected colors that go with my house. - green, teal, rose, goldish tan, and I'm throwing in a floral for the black. I hope this works. She said going with yardage will work. We'll see. I cut my triangles with the easy angle ruler (6.5") but cut them too large so I'll be squaring them up. I'm hoping Joann's has some Quiltinaday triangle square-up rulers in stock so I can pick one up today.

    Making a gazillion half-square triangles sure is boring work especially since I"m not using a variety of scraps.
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      There are gazillions of ways to making 2 1/2" HST that will finish 2" in the quilt. Some work Jenny's method (2 larger squares that you sew all around and then cut by the diagonals), some use a kind of paper piecing pattern (one of the link-up gals said she used this free pattern), some use ink-ligo... I'd rather use a method that doesn't require any squaring up when making so many units, that's why I chose to get DH buy me the EZ rulers as anniversary present. If you are in the US, they are quite unexpensive (international shipping is quite another thing) .



        i never saw Bonnie's pressing instructions when I made my units, but I spun all of my broken dishes seams and they sit flat enough. It worked for means since Bonnie said these seams won't match up against others, I'm guessing it doesn't reall matter that much.
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          Well I am not going to have all clue #1 finished by tonight, unless I get a sudden burst of energy! (can't see that happening)

          I am STILL quilting my daughter's quilt. 3 more sections to go. I am sick to death of this thing.

          I have all clue #1 cutting done, all the HST's sewn and pressed, and 70 of the 100 blocks done. Not too much left to sew!

          I am excited for clue#2!


            argh almost done clue 1...just in time too


              I finished clue #1 last night, but I am just doing half of the units - I did do a few extra HST's, but only 50 of the broken dishes blocks. Wonder what the clue will be tomorrow?

              M*QC forum is full of the best people!

              I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

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                I actually DID find that sudden burst of energy and got the rest of clue #1 finished!

                The wine helped.

                I will sleep better tonight knowing they are done.

                I just need to find the motivation to finish my daughter quilt!


                  All HST have been ironed, now I need to sew them all together. Slow and easy


                    finished clue 1 on Friday morning. just before I printed clue 2


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