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    Clue #1 has been posted

    Go here for the 1st clue.
    Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Grand Illusion, Part 1!
    Happy quilting

    print it off before it june


      Yeah!!! Went to Joanns for Black Friday sales and was able to find more of the yellowish that was harder (for me) to match. Oh yes, I print it to take into my sewing room, then also save the printer friendly version as a file in case I get behind -- She does pull her Mystery Quilts in June to put into her new books, but here we goooooooooooooooo :-)
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        Can't wait to get started!


          I am up in Alabama visiting my daughter and just itching to get home and start!
          See what I'm sewing at


            I love that easy angle ruler! Cut once, sew once, DONE!

            I finally got a chance to start clue #1. I decided that I will quilt a section of my daughter's quilt, then work for a bit on my grandchildren's bedroom things I am making, then allow myself some time to work on this mystery.

            I don't know if I'll get clue #1 finished by Friday, but will hopefully have most of them done by then.


              Just finished sewing all 280 HST. Phew! I am really thankful I now have the Easy Angle ruler and don't need to square up! I hope I find some time this evening to start sewing the broken dishes units. I'm going scrappy with the yellows but black and white will be constants. I'll post a pic later. I can't wait to see everybody's projects going on!


                Lourixe, I got that ruler for Easy Street, and for some reason never used it again. It is SO SIMPLE. I will definitely be using it for HST's from now on. I like that there is no math to remember. Whatever size strip is the size HST you get. No brainer! And NO SQUARING!! Cut once, sew once, DONE!


                  I couldn't wait and sewed my first 10 units, but now I DH is waiting for me to go out and therefore I have no more time. My first question: how are you pressing the seams? I am surprised Bonnie Hunter didn't post any instructions about it like in previous patterns. Bottom left of the pic I posted is the reverse of my block, to show how I am doing so far, but it was just a guess. This pressing phase is always my weak point (ironing is one of the domestic chores I always try to skip, to the point I don't buy garments that require it).


                    I haven't gotten that far yet Lourixe! I am still working on the HST.

                    Looks like you've got that spinning seam-pressing thing going great. I don't worry too much about pressing. Whatever works for you is fine! Sometimes I press seams open if there is a lot of bulk.


                      I think I need more variety in my pinks and aquas. I have 20 of the blocks done so far. I am planning on doing half of the units and then once the quilt is revealed, I will figure out how many more to make it the size I want.

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                        I'm done with clue #1 and hoping to keep up with the mystery as each clue is posted...she says every year?!?!?!?
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                          Well, either I missed it when I first read, or Bonnie added it when she corrected the post about the HST layout in the blocks, but now there are instructions for the pressing. She started like me, pressing towards the pink, but then she must have worked differently as she says it doesn't work with the central spinning. We'll see.


                            I made one test block, and I pressed to one side. I don't think there is a lot of bulk in the seam!

                            I am still quilting my daughter's log cabin, one section a day. Then I work on the mystery.

                            I really want clue #1 finished by Thursday so I can work on #2 Friday!


                              I am hoping to get started soon I'm itching to get at the fabrics but work has blown up in my face and I've worked 12-14 hour days all week starting Sunday Keep posting I'm loving the tips tricks and ideas.

                              Anyone making this without the EZ ruler? I haven't got one and was wondering how difficult this is without that.
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