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    To All Group Members - Looking toward 2017

    As Toni (GuitarGramma) mentioned in her last post, I am going to be taking over the administration of this group in 2017. But before I set up a new group, I would appreciate input from all of you.

    Would you like to change the name? If so, do you have a suggestion for a new name? "Git 'er Done Club" was a new name for 2016, and before that, I believe it was the UFO Finishing Club.

    I like the procedure for selecting the project for each month, but I am interested in any other ideas. Besides project selection, do you have any other suggestions or requests? I would like to get the new group set up in about 10 days (by the 22nd), so I will really appreciate any suggestions before that time.

    I hope we all take some time to thank Toni for her efforts while she managed this group. From me - Thank you, Toni. You made this group really enjoyable for me, and I hope I don't disappoint!
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    I'm hoping to be active in 2017. I just tried to upload a photo of one I added this year, but am having trouble getting it to load. I can add photos on a different non quilting forum, but that simple method isn't working for me here. I search for instructions, but the only link I see doesn't work now. Hints?


      Hello girls! I have belonged to this club since the beginning and plan on continuing. Toni you did a fabulous job even though I fell short many months. I do understand your not having the time with more travel to handle the club. Happy travels to you. Sylvia let me welcome you! I know you will do a fine job. I am looking forward to the new club, name can stay or change its up to you. Hoping I can keep up this year! I am thinking about my list now.
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        Hello, everyone. Last year was my first year as a part of this group, so I don't have any comparisons to use. I have enjoyed being part of the group this year. I didn't have any UFOs - just projects I wanted to accomplish - so maybe the name of the group should reflect that it is more than just UFOs.

        Thanks Toni, for running the group this year and Sylvia for picking up the baton for the next year. I'm looking forward to doing it again.


          This was my first year and I love the name Git-Er-Done since that was exactly what I intended to do. I finished eleven projects that had been lurking and haunting me for several years. The one I didn't finish was due to ambivalence over how I wanted it to look when completed. I'm looking forward to working on some other projects next year. Congratulations Sylvia and thank to Toni!



            Thank you all for your kind words. Administering the club over the last three years has truly been a pleasure. And I know Sylvia will be a fantastic leader. I could always count on her, and she would jump in and help when I'd get behind!

            Just for historical purposes, here are the names of the past clubs:
            2013 UFO Challenge (Led by Peachy, the founder of the random number UFO groups for the M* Forum)
            2014: UFO Group
            2015: Finishing Club
            2016: Git 'er Done Club
            2017: ???

            I'm looking forward to a fresh start in 2017. I'm almost done with my huge Hoopsisters BOM, so I can finally move on to other projects!
            Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


              Any name would do. I haven't been quilting long enough to have a long list of UFOs, so I usually combine old projects with "wannamakes". I didn't have as many finishes this year as the year before, but I worked in all the previously started projects, and in my opinion, any progress counts!
              I will definitely join again for 2017 whatever the group is called, I need it!
              Thanks to Toni and Silvia H for their generosity.


                Reading the post, so far, I think it would be fun to change the name of the group to something that has the word "Finish" in it. ie. 'Have you Finished', 'Wanna Finish' , 'Oh, to Finish', 'FINISHED????' You get the idea. I still like the name 'Get 'er Done' Maybe add 2, or Roman numeral II. "Here We Go Again" "Is It Possible". Sorry, things just keep popping into my head.
                Whatever it's named doesn't really matter. I'll be in the group matter what it's called.


                  I'll be in whatever the name.
                  I just want to make PROGRESS on my projects that have been in my closet for too long. Sometimes I have given them to a quilting friend who struggles to buy fabric. She is so grateful and I have gotten rid of those haunting projects I "know" I will never make. That's progress! Sometimes I decide to finish and gift things I thought were going to be mine. Sometimes I garage sale them! That's progress. More money for fabric!

                  I have put things on the list that I know I can't finish in a month, but just give myself leeway to count it as finished if I get to a certain spot, like the top finished, or the appliqué finished, etc. So I like the word FINISHED. But Git 'er Done works for me since that is what I want to do.


                    How about Fantastic Finishing Club? I also like the idea of having finish in the name, because I sometimes create more UFO's. : )


                    Git 'er Done Club

                    About this Group

                    We exist to help each other finish quilts. Our motto is "Git 'er Done!" If you have too many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in your life, then we're here to help!

                    This group is dedicated to those of us who keep starting new quilting projects without finishing the ones we'd already started.

                    Each of us will create a list numbered from 1 to 12. Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 and 12, and that's the project we'll all work on!

                    We're here to support each other. It's amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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