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    January UFO now completed!

    I had hoped to have more done by this time - but it is what it is! Glad to have this one done. It is hard to see in the picture, but the multi-colored binding really makes the quilt.
    If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.- Zig Ziglar

    Woo hoo. Finished is good, progress is good. I like your quilt and wish I could see the binding in person.


      Yay! Grats on the finish!
      "I must be royalty, I have quilts-in-waiting."


        YAY! One done is better than one done!

        I'm going to go check out your multi-color binding. Sounds intriguing!
        Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


        Git 'er Done Club

        About this Group

        We exist to help each other finish quilts. Our motto is "Git 'er Done!" If you have too many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in your life, then we're here to help!

        This group is dedicated to those of us who keep starting new quilting projects without finishing the ones we'd already started.

        Each of us will create a list numbered from 1 to 12. Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 and 12, and that's the project we'll all work on!

        We're here to support each other. It's amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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