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    JULY's Number is ...

    Well, my baby got good and married this month! We love our new son-in-law and so we're still on a high from the wedding. It was a wonderful, wonderful day. And it even had a quilting theme: Instead of a guest book, the bride wanted a signature quilt. I managed to sew 150 charm pack squares onto freezer paper, bought three dozen ultra-fine point Sharpies, and set up a cute little display. Unfortunately, my sweet hubby, the MC for the wedding, forgot to announce that folks should sign the squares (and I forgot to remind him!) so we didn't get more than 40 signed.

    OK, OK, I've gone on too long, so I need to announce our number for July!

    ............................................. 5 ................................................

    What's your number 5? Let's go sew!

    ************************************************** **************
    For those who like to keep track: JAN=12, FEB=7, MAR=4, APR=6, MAY=11, JUN=3
    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?

    Oh, that is too bad about the signature squares. Could you mail the squares and the pens to the guests, perhaps with self addressed return envelopes? Just something to think about.

    My July quilt is a child's quilt top made with the Kona Sunset Jelly Roll. I bought blue, glow in the dark thread, for the quilting. I hope it doesn't disappoint.
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      I finished my July project during the sleepless month of June. I am going to work on my sister's memory quilt as I feel it's hanging over my head. I don't do work for others and I am very nervous about this quilt. She is very picky and I don't do perfect.



        Too bad about the signatures , but at least you got some. My #5 is a new wallet. Lets see have not been keeping up this year at all.
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          I still haven't done May or June, do I start on July? Well, at least I have 3 to think about. I still need to finish DGS's birthday Minion quilt (not on the list) and 2 donation quilts (not on the list)...I seem to have a focus issue going on over here. I'm so excited to see what I might do!


            My #5 is my blue and rose log cabin quilt, made with some of my favorite scraps, and a big bunch of scraps donated to me. I have no idea how old the scraps were, and sometimes not even the fabric content (although I tried my trusty Home Ec trick of burning it and seeing if it melted or smelled like paper burning ). It is really old fashioned looking and I think it will look like an heirloom, even though it really isn't. It is all cut out and I have sewn the first 8 rounds as leaders and enders on other projects. So it will be just a matter of sitting down and sewing. Big thanks to the Piedmont Baptist in Marietta, GA for the donations!
            I am still catching up the other projects but have made real progress. If I can get 6 more FMQed by the end of the year and all the other ones pieced I will feel like I have really accomplished a lot. Finished is great but progress is good too!


              Thank you, everyone, for the good ideas about the signature quilt. I'll be sending a few squares around. After all I don't need 36 ultra-fine Sharpie pens, now do I?

              Here's the part I didn't tell you all about. On the plane from Chicago to California, the bride's sister told the flight attendants that there was a couple traveling to CA to get married. This was Southwest Airlines, who never misses an opportunity to have fun. Once the plane was stable, the flight attendants called "a very special couple" to the front of the plane. They made crowns out of pretzel bags and olive skewers, and crowned both the bride and the groom. They then passed out napkins to everyone on the plane and told them to write down marriage advice. Those napkins contain some of the sweetest messages you can imagine.

              Our plan is for me to transcribe the messages from the napkins onto the still-blank quilt squares. The quilt will then be large enough to keep them both warm! This will be a fun one to work on.

              Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                Toni, that is so sweet! I'll bet those messages are extra special - what a great quilt that will be!


                  Well, I just figured that I'd do some major adjusting to my list. I deleted 2 projects and left those numbers blank so I can squeeze in some of the projects I haven't finished and maybe I will get something done before the year is out. Still having trouble getting the monofilament balanced. I may end up trying it on my Singer 301. Maybe it won't be as finicky as my Bernina. Did get some lighter weight bobbin thread earlier this week. Haven't had a chance to try it out. Hoping I will get to do that on the 4th.

                  And congrats Toni of the new son-in-law and hope the quilt goes well. What a neat idea to put the wedding advice on the squares. All newlyweds need one of those...🤔


                    Well I haven't been doing great keeping up this year. I have only gotten 3 of the months done. Since I didn't finish June, I am changing July to a continuation of June. Hopefully I'll make better progress
                    Ginny B



                      Wow, this working on a UFO every month is a lot harder than I expected it to be! My #5 is Doubly Charmed a Deb Tucker class I took last year. Don't even know if I'll pull that one out as I'm working currently on getting my BOMs and 365 caught up. I'm back in February on my 365, ACK!!

                      What a lovely idea for those extra quilt blocks GuitarGramma! That is going to be a treasured quilt for sure!
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