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    Is everyone else scrambling?

    I am frantically trying to get May done, complicated by the fact that we are traveling next month (business with some pleasure on weekends) so I am trying to finish up a few of the smaller project in another number so I will be ahead. And I think I did it! All my 4 seasonal table runners are in the queue to be quilted (which is getting longer every month) and I am just trying to get May's number to the same point. I need to do some machine applique and then add the borders and piece the backing. I won't layer it since it might be pushed to 2017 in the quilting queue if I don't get cracking. Grrrr. I am not a fan.

    I'm also trying to build up a pile of hand work to take with me on the trip. Should have lots of down time with no housework to do or meals to cook, so maybe I can advance as well. Binding for the car, applique and hand quilting for the room.

    I'll see everyone in July! Happy 4th!

    Oh Anita! I wish I were frantically trying to get May's UFO done - I haven't yet finished January's! But it is looking like I will get it finished soon, and then maybe in June I can get Feb's and March's done as well. But - I finally finished the top of the Cats and Snails quilt, took a trip to a LQS today to get some thread for quilting, and hope to start quilting it tonight or tomorrow. I would like to get it finished by next Friday so I can take it with me to NYC and give it to Izzy.
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      My youngest daughter is getting married in nine days. I'm scrambling to get 5" pre-cuts fused onto freezer paper for a signature quilt instead of a guest book. I'm on the home stretch! But May's "official" project is definitely on the back burner.
      Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


        GuitarGramma - been there, done that, about 1.5 years ago! Next weekend I hope we get to print out the pictures and finally put the quilt top together - at least on a design wall.
        If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.- Zig Ziglar


          GuitarGramma, I know you'll get it done in time. Best wishes on your upcoming celebration. What a great idea to set those up for a guest book. I have two weddings under my belt, so I missed the bucket on those, but I will file that idea away from the last one. Sylvia, I love how relaxed and calm you sound. I would love to see that cat and snails quilt. AnitaGirl, enjoy your trip. If something doesn't get done, there's always next month.

          I haven't even pulled May's UFO off the shelf. It's a Christmas quilt and the mood just didn't strike me yet . I started a new quilt (I think I must have adult on-set ADD) for my grandson. His birthday is in July, so I think that should take precedence over the Christmas quilt. I'm still a month behind on the 365 blocks and seriously wondering if I'll ever get those caught up. Scrambling is not a word I would use for the month I've had.


            I'm so far behind in the get it done department! I've been doing some sewing for our community projects and it's put my other projects on hold. Hopefully I 'll get the 3 quilts done as they 're gifts for the grandkids.
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              Bridal shower today, and I'm just visiting with you all to get out of the preparation fray. It's "working shower," where we're all assembling decorations for the reception. My project will be those quilt squares. It's nice to have time dedicated like this--glad my dd#2 thought of it.

              I just heard the first guest arrive, so I better go!
              Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                Finally finished a UFO this year. The baby I made this quilt for just had her first bday. I need to focuse more.
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