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    I haven't been on the site much during the last month, but I'm making progress on my unfinished projects. I finished an OSU flannel quilt kit that I had purchased last year. I also finished a large bolster pillow from a pillow kit. I even used my embroidery machine to do some stippling on it. For me, this is great progress. I'm a busy mom who works full time. This little group has motivated me to pull out some projects and get them finished.
    I can't figure out how to upload photos from my iPhone 6, if anyone knows how, please share so I can post some pics of the projects.
    Happy sewing!
Git 'er Done Club

About this Group

We exist to help each other finish quilts. Our motto is "Git 'er Done!" If you have too many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in your life, then we're here to help!

This group is dedicated to those of us who keep starting new quilting projects without finishing the ones we'd already started.

Each of us will create a list numbered from 1 to 12. Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 and 12, and that's the project we'll all work on!

We're here to support each other. It's amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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