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    Tammie's list

    I'm not sure if this will do any good, but I'm hoping it will encourage me to sew some this year. I haven't set foot in my sewing room for almost a year, except to hang up the washed undies... My husband has kept me hopping, working with him and working on our volunteer fire department. But, I have missed my creative side. I'm hoping to combine by two interests...quilting and the fire department. I am planning to make a quilt we can raffle off or sell in silent auction for money to go to the department. First, I have to accomplish task 12....since it's mid February and I'm just coming back to the forum, I'm already behind for the year. No promises, but I'm gonna do my best.

    1. December
    2. November
    3. Tonga quilt piecing top - June
    4. Summer skirt - March
    5. Tonga quilt piece top - July
    6. Double cut layer cake - finish piecing, quilt, and bind - April
    7. Oriental quilts - quilt and bind - February - done
    8. October
    9. August
    10. September
    11. Janet's placemats - May
    12. Go into the sewing room !!!!! - January - done

    Any progress made is better than no progress, right? Last year, I only got 3 of my UFO's completed - but that is 3 that didn't get carried over to this year. I think it is great to make a quilt to help support the fire department.

    I would like to make a recommendation. It is to put the quilt into a raffle instead of an auction. I have heard stories from other quilters, and have experienced myself that sometimes an auction barely brings in the amount of money it cost to make the quilt. With a raffle, you will know how much money you are making because of the number of tickets up for sale. Many people won't pay $500 for a quilt - but 500 people will pay $1.00 each for a raffle ticket.
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      A group of us are making a quilt to auction. The proceeds will go to support our local cloistered nuns. They spend their entire lives in prayer for others!
      With the drought in California, these nuns were hurting for water and in turn the food that they grow for themselves. We're hoping the proceeds can help these sweet women.

      We'll be taking the quilt to several churches in the area and selling raffle tickets. We kind of naturally realized just what you say, Sylvia: raffle tickets will bring more revenue than an auction.
      Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


        Absolutely agree that the raffled quilts bring more $$$$ than auctioned quilts! Selling raffle tickets is the way to go to raise the money!

        Glad to see you back! Just jump back in! It is like riding a bike!
        Happy Quilting!


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        We're here to support each other. It's amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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