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    Ready to be DONE!

    One more row of 5 to make, so I can join the two halves. I still have the borders too. I don’t recall any other mystery involving more than a weeks worth of sewing. I guess it is because of the 3400 pieces! YupI am whining, better than pirate talk. I am feeling very impatient to be done!
    Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.

    I know what you mean! I sewed all day saturday and only finished about 10 blocks. Most of mine only have the 4 patches & HSTs done, some of them have finished pinwheels. So I have all of the flying geese to make for each block.

    I used the sashings as leader/enders, now I'm on to the borders as leader enders, so at least that's getting done too, lol


      I also feel this one has been a lot more work than previous ones, because we started with really easy units and all the hard work of putting them together was condensed in the reveal. I am so glad I went for a smaller version this time!


        I am finally to the point of being able to make that last seam to put the two sections together. I am just too tired tonight. After I do the last seam I am wondering if I should use one of those disappearing pens to square up the edges. Step back and look at it before I trim it. Maybe I'm over thinking this.


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        Black Friday is the first sewing clue released. Each Friday there after a new clue is posted on her blog. Bonnie Hunter fans from all over the world unite and sew together in the comfort of their home. It is not necessary to keep up, sew at your own pace. It is not necessary to use the suggested colors. If you have never done a quiltville mystery quilt before, I recommend sticking to the colors suggested. Any questions, just ask. Have a marathon of sewing blast!
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