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    The Reveal!

    I am going to spend the weekend doing math for my reduced version, specially concerning the borders as I HATE pieced borders.

    I really don't like pieced borders either but I guess I will put one on. I would love to see what you do Lourixe. I have been sewing like crazy to get caught up. I got to the reveal section and realized I still had 12 more geese to make.. I think we all should be experts at flying geese now. I cant wait to see everyone's quilt.


      I have assembled my 13 blocks (one of them is wrong but it is going to stay like that). Tomorrow I wilk cut the required neutral and blue pieces for the sashing and cornerstones and start experimenting with the setting triangles. I am thinking of some kind of combination of the blue HSTs and maybe some brown (that I used instead of green in the Flying Geese). I might still use the dark red HSTs in a border, or just go for a big border from the matching print and keep the HSTs for another project.


        I have almost all my blocks pieced. I have to get. this out of the way so I can then cut those neutral sashings. I am well on my way. Not sure yet if I love it to pieces. Clearly this has been an easy mystery, but the clue instruction of combining steps is tricky when not following the color code. I would love to make each block again and go rogue for scrappy, each block having nothing in common with the next. I need to download the instructions.
        Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.


          I think I have worn out my seam ripper on this one. I have learned not to sew on it late at night or while talking on the phone. I thought today would be the day I could start putting it together, but found where I had turned a section wrong on half a dozen blocks. Maybe tomorrow


            TMP, me too. I don't think I've ever ripped as much as I have with these blocks!

            I was out of the country the first two weeks of tyhe year, and I was already behind so I was only up to clue 4, I think. I also had doubles about my color choices, so I took the time to lay out the blocks on my design wall, then started making them one at a time. I think that was a mistake, LOL I should have just trusted myself & Bonnie and made the units in clue order. I was concerned that s9me combinations would not work and I'd have to redo them. I've had to redo so many bits already I'm not sure it was worth it lol


              Me three, seam ripping LOTS! coming together
              Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.




              Frolic Mystery Quilt Along

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              Colors were announced here:
              Black Friday is the first sewing clue released. Each Friday there after a new clue is posted on her blog. Bonnie Hunter fans from all over the world unite and sew together in the comfort of their home. It is not necessary to keep up, sew at your own pace. It is not necessary to use the suggested colors. If you have never done a quiltville mystery quilt before, I recommend sticking to the colors suggested. Any questions, just ask. Have a marathon of sewing blast!
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