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    I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season. Please don't kick me out of the group ! I am so far behind. I have finished clue two and have just now started on 3. I hope to get caught up with the group next week, when things around here have settled down.


    No worries! You set your own pace, and enjoy. I bet you can catchup pretty fast as these clues are less brutal than in years past. Happy sewing!
    Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.


      I'm just as behind as you Teresa! Except I still need to cut my pieces from step 2! Hoping to catch up before I have to go back to school.
      "I must be royalty, I have quilts-in-waiting."


        You are ahead of me! I had sewn some strips together for clue 1 and finally cut them today and twirled some 4 patches. Lots more to go.........everyone can go at their own pace. Happy quilting!

        M*QC forum is full of the best people!

        I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

        A bad day in the sewing room is better than a good day at the office.


          I caught up on clues 1-4 last week but haven’t yet done #5. Hope to tackle it before the next clue. They’re all pretty easy so far. I’m looking forward to using the green, although in my case it’s blue? I’m using yardage. You can see my colors here.


          Frolic Mystery Quilt Along

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          Colors were announced here:
          Black Friday is the first sewing clue released. Each Friday there after a new clue is posted on her blog. Bonnie Hunter fans from all over the world unite and sew together in the comfort of their home. It is not necessary to keep up, sew at your own pace. It is not necessary to use the suggested colors. If you have never done a quiltville mystery quilt before, I recommend sticking to the colors suggested. Any questions, just ask. Have a marathon of sewing blast!
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