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    Clue #3

    Bonnie Hunter posted very early this morning, but I was at a work meeting and could just peruse a little on my phone.

    Now it is 2:30 a. m. and I have just arrived at my sister's after a very delayed train trip. I will make it home tomorrow by noon and hopefully I will start my HSTs on Sunday.

    Thank you for the link! I awoke around 4:30ish yesterday morning. Because of her jet lag, I was hoping for an early post. I got what I wanted, LOL! But then had to get ready for work. Working the hst’s now. So far none of these are hard!
    Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.


      I rolled out of bed in time to make an early conference call for work & got s wrapped up in that I forgot about it being Friday!

      I'm loving how all 3 colors are working together - I'm us8ng purple instead of blue and a pale speckled yellow throughout as my neutral & I just love how they all look. Can't wait to see what's going to happen with the green & aqua!


      Frolic Mystery Quilt Along

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      Colors were announced here:
      Black Friday is the first sewing clue released. Each Friday there after a new clue is posted on her blog. Bonnie Hunter fans from all over the world unite and sew together in the comfort of their home. It is not necessary to keep up, sew at your own pace. It is not necessary to use the suggested colors. If you have never done a quiltville mystery quilt before, I recommend sticking to the colors suggested. Any questions, just ask. Have a marathon of sewing blast!
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