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    July's Number

    July's number is 4. Previous month's numbers are: January, 3; February, 1; March, 10; April, 9; May 12; June, 8.

    I am so sorry for being late. I don't know what happened. I think the heat got to me and I completely forgot another month has started. I think those of you who were ready to start another UFO/project just went and did so. We quilters don't let lack of a number stop us, right? Any how, I have put up notes on day 1 of all the rest of the months as a reminder to post the new number.

    I am now going to look at all the lovely work that has been done. BTW, Preeti challenged me to finish a baby quilt, for a neighbor, by August 6th. So I will finally be back at the sewing machine.
    If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.- Zig Ziglar

    I am relieved that the delay was just because you were distracted. I was getting worried you would be dealing with health issues again.
    You are right, we don't need any number to choose UFOs to work on, it is only an extra motivation. And I must confess I have manipulated my list more than I can remember! LOL
    I am making extremely slow progress due to heavy work schedules and other projects getting in the way. I count every single hour in my sewing room as a blessing.


      Thank you for the number. I too was getting a bit worried that you were unwell. So glad it's only the heat!! We're in the middle of a heatwave here so it's been a toil of pleasure spending time in the sewing room as it's at the top of the house and no a/c and little through draught!!

      Will take a look at my list (which I've switched around).


        Thank you for posting July's number. I got the previous numbers done, as this winter I was really on a roll. I am done with #4 on my lists, so I will keep on chugging and whittling down the pile of tops that need to be quilted.

        My problem is I go to quilt shows and stores at this time of year, and pick up more ideas and fabrics for quilts. Oh well, better plan my week accordingly. I think I have a few hours at least every day where I can tackle them. I will need a lot of strength of courage when I visit M* later this summer, so that I don't buy them out. Haha.

        Have a good day.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          I am relieved you were just busy Sylvia, I too was a little worried about you. I haven't been getting near as much done as I'd like but I've reached the part of the summer where I've vegged enough I feel energized again. Woot! Woot! That means I should be ready to go back to school in about a month. My #4 is my Second Saturday Sampler 14-15? Not sure if I got the year right. It's a huge quilt with a triple Irish Chain in it that I'm excited to make some progress on.
          "I must be royalty, I have quilts-in-waiting."


            We had our carpets cleaned this week, which meant moving all my sewing stuff. I discovered that I'm much father along on my biggest UFO than I'd realized, which has motivated me no end. It's a great feeling.
            Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


              Sorry I never even posted in July- I was in full blown moving mode, and also working through having multiple quilts out and in progress at once, all with pressing finishing dates for sick friends and care packages.... and then a niece's 10th birthday closing in on me, and a quilt for her just about ready for binding!

              I'm glad everyone is well and being productive, I am on track for averaging one quilting project every month, which is something I'm really proud of. Even if I never did follow the numbers!! :-). Next, I need to figure out posting some photos....


              Finished is Better Than Perfect

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              Do you have some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that you want to finish? Are you having a hard time choosing what to finish next, or are you just not feeling motivated? Do you have some specific goals you want to complete in 2018? This group is for you! We have a fun way to get those projects done in 2018.

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              Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 - 12. We will each work on that number from our list. If you prefer to do your list in a particular order, you can certainly do it that way as well. When you have finished your project, please post a picture here as well.

              We’re here to support each other. It’s amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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