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    May's UFO/Project Number

    SO SORRY I am late posting this! May's number is 12. Previous month's numbers are: January, 3; February, 1; March, 10; April, 9.

    I hope everyone is having fun with our numbering system and getting their UFOs or Projects completed.
    If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.- Zig Ziglar

    Thanks for May's number. I hope you're fully recovered from the shingles or at least feeling much better.

    I must confess I am a little behind with my list as I got waylaid with Dresden plates and Linus quilts and a quilt for my friend, none of which appear on any list!! Will try harder this month.


      Gah! So far behind! But I'm still plugging away although getting sidetracked by some gifts I was asked to make for a very lovely gentleman who is quite ill and has no close family members. I'm making a lap quilt for him since anemia is making him cold all the time and also a baby quilt. I'll catch up. I'm actually getting a lot done by staying current on the BOMS I'm doing this year as well as these special requests from nonsewer friends. This is the first really nice day we've had, so I want to get outside soon and take pictures of those quilt tops I've gotten finished very soon! But today is so busy I just can't.

      Sylvia, I'm so sorry you are suffering with shingles and really hope you have turned the corner towards recovery. Such a hideous problem to have. Everyone, please, do yourself a favor and get the new shingles vaccine, even if you have had the previous one. The previous one isn't lasting very many years, and this new one is going to last longer. But. It's two injections. So save yourself a doctor visit fee and get a prescription so you can take it to a pharmacy and let the pharmacist give you the injection.


        I too am so far behind...but I think my #12 was a TBD, so I'll use this month to work on catching up. I have some things set out on my dining room table right now - like the pattern, fabric and supplies for my NCW that was last month's project. Gotta keep at it...not giving up yet...Sylvia, I do hope you are feeling better now!


          Luckily I put a question mark after my #12 since I'm not enthused about it and I'm bound and determined to finish this (insert cuss word) Village quilt top. I filled more bobbins yesterday so I'm ready to zig zag...I just get too tired out after gardening to sew...but the beds are almost cleared off so May may be the month! Whoo!


            I've decided to swap my #12 for #8. I need the green and white quilt for us and it's basic quilting so should get it done in no time. I have also pulled 3 Linus quilts from my UFO's (these aren't on my list), again they shouldn't need much quilting and I really have to get some stuff finished!!

            I've spent so much time playing with Dresden plates that not much else has been done!! Gave myself a talking to and put the Dresden's away for the time being to catch up!!

            UPDATE: have finished #8 and it now graces the back of my sofa!! DH very happy as it's the first quilt for us yayyy!!


            Finished is Better Than Perfect

            About this Group

            Do you have some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that you want to finish? Are you having a hard time choosing what to finish next, or are you just not feeling motivated? Do you have some specific goals you want to complete in 2018? This group is for you! We have a fun way to get those projects done in 2018.

            Here is how it works.

            First, you create a list, numbered from 1 - 12, of 1) things you want to finish; 2) OR projects you want to do; 3) OR a combination of 1 and 2. Then, you post your list to this group. (You can edit and change your list at any time.)

            Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 - 12. We will each work on that number from our list. If you prefer to do your list in a particular order, you can certainly do it that way as well. When you have finished your project, please post a picture here as well.

            We’re here to support each other. It’s amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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