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Finished is better than perfect 2019 edition

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    Tammie’s 2019 list

    1. Process scrap bucket
    2. Quilt Tonga BOM - May
    3. Quilt Baby quilt - January
    4. I-spy Tumblers top - March
    5. I-spy Tumblers quilt & bind - June
    6. Carolina Chain top
    7. Carolina Chain quilt & bind - July
    8. Split Nine Patch top
    9. Split Nine Patch quilt & bind
    10. Take apart hexi quilt - April
    11. Rework hexi quilt
    12. Tablet stand - February

    13. Shorten summer skirts
    14. Winter skirt...1 done in January
    15. Summer tanks
    16. Shorts
    17. Travel bag for sewing machine
    18. Summer dresses
    19. Janet’s placemats
    20. Fleece sweatpants - DONE January
    21. Metro double zip pouch.... - January - DONE
    22. Crocheted Pancho - DONE January
    23. Crocheted scarf
    24. Crocheted sweater
    25. Sew sundress - DONE February
    26. Revamp sweatshirt into jacket - DONE February
    27. Denim skirt purse - DONE March
    28. Summer skirts
    29. Capris

    I know this list is entirely optimistic, since I only finished 2 items on last year’s list. But, I’m trying to get into the habit of doing a small bit of sewing each day. Hoping this will help. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress.

    Well, haven’t gotten any quilting projects done, but working on necessary items, like clothes for the cold weather. Have finished 3 items this month so far, so I can’t complain. I’m also working slowly on Good Fortune...have clue 1 almost finished. Will hopefully finish it tomorrow and start on clue 2. Have been sidetracked by starting crocheting again. Haven’t done any in years, but I thought it might help strengthen the muscles in my hands and help with the tendon pain. So far it’s been working well. I just have to be careful and not overdo it. Hope everyone else is doing well.


      I looks like you're building up a good momentum! I came across Good Fortune just this morning and thought it looked like fun, if only I didn't have so many other projects in the queue. I will look forward to seeing yours.
      I hope the pain and weakness in your hands is something you will recover from. I have had similar issues in the past. I could only crochet with the softest of yarns. Hope your doing better soon.

      If I ever got it all together, I'd be too tired to do anything with it.


        You're certainly getting things done, hope you can manage your pain xx


          I hope you can keep the pain under control. I am trying my hand at sewing clothes for me and it is a hassle to adapt patterns to my precise shape.


            Thanks guys. Love the support in this group! Hope everyone else is making progress.


              Well, not getting any quilting projects done, but some sewing of garments and bags done....I guess sewing is sewing! I have been working on the deconstruction of my hexagon quilt. Should be starting the reassemble soon. Hope everyone is having a great month! Deleted one of my quilt projects. Decided not to complete it. Have enough in progress already.


                You seem to have progressed a lot, and this is what counts. Like for books, I don't think we should necessary insist on projects we will never come to love, specially when there are so many others calling for our attention!


                  Well, as the year winds down, you can see I haven’t really been in my sewing room much since March. Lost my mojo again, but it will come back eventually. Hope everyone had a wonderful year. Looking forward to 2020!


                  Finished is better than perfect 2019 edition

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                  Do you have some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that you want to finish? Are you having a hard time choosing what to finish next, or are you just not feeling motivated? Do you have some specific goals you want to complete in 2019? This group is for you! We have a fun way to get those projects done in 2019.

                  Here is how it works.

                  First, you create a list, numbered from 1 - 12, of 1) things you want to finish; 2) OR projects you want to do; 3) OR a combination of 1 and 2. Then, you post your list to this group. (You can edit and change your list at any time.)

                  Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 - 12. We will each work on that number from our list. If you prefer to do your list in a particular order, you can certainly do it that way as well. When you have finished your project, please post a picture here as well.

                  We’re here to support each other. It’s amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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