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    Sold out

    As of right now, the 2020 Fall Forum Retreat is sold out. We will have a full house this year.


    Now, since it is sold out and the Groups are still sort of screwy, let us see if we can at least figure out who all is signed up and in the group, since the member list says 24, yet we can only see 12.

    The 12 that show are

    AmandaJo - Amanda
    Andrea F - Andrea
    Antiemern - Marilyn
    Azmotgirl - Lisa
    Barb Sass -Barb
    BeckiG - Becki
    BethB - Nancy
    BobW - boB
    Connie Jo - Connie
    Jean Sewing Machine - Jean
    Judy, USMC - Judy H
    judykay - Judy B

    Here is where we need some help - NOT showing

    K. McEuen - Karen
    Simply Quilting - Charyti
    Thayer Abaigael
    Trudy A, Asta, Asta2 (whatever her user name is now) - Beth (sorry, had to)
    wilderness quilter - Sue plus 2
    lapeoples - Lori
    seaturtle - Cindy
    wlrquilts - Wendy

    Not yet in group
    midnightline plus 2

    So,, who is a member of this group that isn't listed?
    K is for Karen 😊​..................
    Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

    Before you speak,
    T - is it TRUE?
    H - is it HELPFUL?
    I - is it INSPIRING?
    N - is it NECESSARY?
    K - is it KIND?


    • K. McEuen
      K. McEuen commented
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      Lori, groups got messed up pretty good with the software upgrade. The M* techs had to have the software company open a ticket on this issue because it seems like no one had a clue it would happen

    • K. McEuen
      K. McEuen commented
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      Another one, who I think is in the group is Kate Maryon

    • judykay
      judykay commented
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      Karen, Patricia Johnson, Betty Nance and Lisa Stewart are not listed here. They are all signed up (because I registered for them). I am not sure if they are signed up on the group but they are coming to the retreat. Oh now I see Lisa, sorry

    I forget when I joined this group, December? So count me + 2 here.


    • K. McEuen
      K. McEuen commented
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      I actually added you from memory, just could not remember your friends names.

    • wildernessquilter
      wildernessquilter commented
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      They are not on the forum because they just don't get it. I have tried and failed.

    This is so exciting.....I knew we could do it 😁
    Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



    • K. McEuen
      K. McEuen commented
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      I promise, if I cough or sneeze it is ALLERGIES. They have been horrible this year, all winter long. Now the juniper is making my eyes water all the time, look like I've been crying.

    I was positive that we would have a lot attendees before I left last year! Charyti, this is still happening during hurricane season for me. Will you start a waiting list in case someone has to cancel?

    And Karen I agree about the allergies. Only mine is to pine pollen which is happening now ... and I'm getting death stares from people who think I may be COVID infectected.


      Yes, I can start a waiting list.


        I'm so excited and so very hopeful that the virus stuff is settled down by the time for the retreat. I need to get away and spend some stitchin time with friends.


        • wlrquilts
          wlrquilts commented
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          I hope so too. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. Here is hoping that everyone stays home now so we can get back to some semblance of normal.
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