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    Strip Game - Who wants to play in 2020?

    I have an early opportunity to get what I consider a very flexible- use piece of fabric. So 2020 can really challenge your imagination.

    It is a panel that consists of multiple bright and pastel colors. I will not be posting a picture of the panel; it will be a surprise at the retreat. However, everyone who signs up will get a piece and raid their stash for complimentary 2 1/2 inch strips. You will need 12 strips to play each round. If you play both rounds you will need a total of 24. It will be the same game from years past - everyone will win fabric strips to use to make a quilt. (I want to give you a heads up that solids/marble/suede might be most appropriate - NO Large Scale Prints.)

    I've consulted with a couple of other quilters and believe this panel can be used as a panel or cut into whatever precut or custom sizes you want. That will be the challenge! How will you use it?

    So please ask any questions and/or sign up below. I will contact you closer to the retreat to get your address to mail your fabric sample.

    If you are new and want a more detailed explanation use this link:


      I'll be first to sign up ... Judy, USMC (Judy Harvey)


        I'm in...... anyone else?


          I'm interested in playing.


            Well, this is a mystery! Count me in, I am always up for a friendly game.
            One yard of fabric, like one cookie, is never enough!

            Beth aka Asta


              Count me in.


                I would love to play please & I'm sure my cousin Val will too. I don't know if she is on here yet or not. :-)


                  I’m in again!


                    Of course I am in. Our prior conversation with you still holds on quantity. Add Thelma and Mary too, please.


                      11 so far. I've got you all so far!


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