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    Treadlers list

    Heres a list of hopeful achievements in 2020

    1. fmq the centre of the 'monster' (its the huge red white and blue in album) lets go one more stitch at a time, a few stitches have been added still on going
    1.b take regular rests
    2. choose border design
    fmq the borders on the
    3.Make binding

    4. print out more tq 48 2019 foundation paper pieced project now finished picture in album
    finish foundation paper pieced blocks
    5. put together ffp
    .make a quilt sandwich, used a wool batting from LQS
    6. choose design fmq wiggly lines for centre, repeat pattern outer diamonds, echo triangles x wavy lines for borders
    fmq ffp

    7.finish train floppy located still to do add borders for train
    8. sandwich quilt
    9.choose fmq design
    add binding.

    10. make a star floppy pattern and fabric located
    .make backing for star
    11. sandwich
    choose fmq design
    add binding

    12.. make new ufqs
    relocate and quilt storm at sea picture in Album

    12.d Have lots of fun

    had above challenges had a few years now,
    would like to do over time
    increase free motion quilting skills
    get better at colour / contrast
    curvy log cabin
    a curvy circle theme quilt
    one block quilt
    pineapple quilt
    hst quilt
    Old maids puzzle quilt
    pictorial quilt
    make panel quilts
    let the fabric fun begin. T
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    Looks like you have 12.d under control!


      hehehe started, best foot forward
      currently at 1.b but may flit to 12.d

      22nd Jan
      just finished darning the net curtains on treadle, alas 14 years of sunshine, and delicate washing, caused some holes, darning certainly cheaper than 50 metres of net. will keep in mind to look for newer net fabric when go looking for a pillow, it seems if wash cold memory foam it looses its memory. little gremlins

      23rd Jan
      the monster is loaded on the treadle, the human motor is somewhat lacking in power, another step closer though
      Happy sewing

      25th Jan
      Oiling the sewing machines,
      Happy stitches

      27th Jan
      finally got the featherweight to sew yipee
      Happy stitching


        March 2020
        finished a circle quilt, photos to be uploaded at a later time
        back to free motioning the red white blue,
        Have fun T


          the circle quilt, insired by Jenny was made from fat quarters, and the circle fiskars rule, circles were appliqued then quartered, tried twin needle applique for the border wobbles, it took longer than treadling the free motion, all fun😁.


            Decided to do the sew along with Bonnie Hunter here is the progress so far,
            using jelly roll fiddle dee dee,
            once sewn together will add a few more stitches on the red white and blue.
            have fun
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              My goodness, are you doing all those pretty things with a treadle machine? You are getting your exercise in as well as being productive 😀


                sure do, its great fun, also sit on a ball chair, that has had a few patches due to purrs being supportive and jumping on the chair to exercise their cores first, treadling gets more difficult when floor becomes nearer tee hee


                  oh my goodness, just seen week 2 of the unity quilt, all 45 pages, wowser, so much work and efforts by Bonnie, amazing done in such a short time. Am grateful for all efforts.😍
                  time to resharpen the rotary blades
                  Am looking forward to using the triangle tool.
                  Maybe a challenge to pick the placement of colours with my fabrics, but time to go into the un comfortables and try to make some sparkles,
                  lets go one stitch at a time. rotary cutters at the ready😁
                  seam ripper located, smiles on face, cuppa topped up, stitching purr happily snoring
                  may be quiet on forum for some time.
                  virtual hugs to everyone.


                    Unity week 2, all colours were laid out thought about, then jelly roll was sewn together to get size before cutting, placed the colours before looking in off cut fabrics to adding to extra unit pieces before sewing with treadle.
                    The Unity is sat on circle navy quilt back. used some grey and heart fabric off cuts from other projects, still some jelly roll left. wonder what the next row will be.


                      That's just beautiful! Love the colors! So this is a Bonnie Hunter pattern...I've heard of her but am not familiar with her designs.



                        The sew in place Unity quilt along by Bonnie Hunter the info and colours Bonnie using is in the link. Normally takes down after end of quilt and then charges for a digital pattern.
                        Am using a fiddle dee dee jelly roll from msqc. certainly happy colours to work with.
                        there are a few free patterns on website if would like to see her style.
                        I found the website while learning about vintage sewing machines😁.


                          I looked at some patterns in her shop and they seem to involve a lot of tiny pieces...too high a degree of difficulty for me but very pretty for the talented!


                            progress has been slow but week 3 is done, the smaller the pieces the more needs cutting and sewing, it has been a test of stamina and himself having to deal without me always there to help guide and remind, he was not happy, went into a negative mood, this made life no so easy. Now it is sewn he happy.
                            dare I do week 4?


                              Here is my version of week 4, my fabric dictated change of block so spotted a Jenny Kindred pinwheel block , and resized by drawing a square and adding lines ect., then saw a Bonnie Hunter block star struck in free pattern section of Quiltville, My Unity is now different, but this has worked within my fabric limitations, and am happy to have used blocks from my favourite inspired designers. The Blocks were also easy to do so that was a bonus.😁


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                                I love the kindred pinwheel block. That is one of my quilt tops done, waiting to be quilted.
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