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    Dzducks List

    1. Reconstruction Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    2. Snowman Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    3. 12 Stars Build a Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    4. Bird/Feather Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    5. Owl Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    6. Purple Piping Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    7. Teal & Gold Bird Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    8. I Spy Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    9. WSQG QW20 Challenge Quilt - Piece, Quilt, Bind & Embellish
    10. Black & Orange Quilt - Finish Appliqué, Quilt & Bind
    11. Poppy Quilt - Quilt & Bind
    12. WSQG Mystery Quilt - Piece, Quilt & Bind

    As you can see from my list I seem to be able to get the quilts pieced but have difficulty getting them quilted. I get stuck when it comes to the quilting because I’m afraid I’ll ruin the top. I’m a total novice when it comes to the actual quilting. I know that by doing I’ll gain more confidence & get better but taking the leap is difficult.

    Join the club!!!


      Try something small. You know the blocks that backed the clear vinyl zippered pouches you made? Something like that size.
      I putzed around with that size and made hot pads, and cushion thingies for between my serving bowls & platters. Nobody will see them, they are somewhat useful, and I got practice both straight line and free motion quilting. Most of them I didn't even bother to bind! I used weird fabrics that I had inherited and made patterns to go over them.
      It helped a lot to build confidence. I'm sure you will do just fine!
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        I shouldn’t give advice, because my FMQ skills leave much too be desired. But I am better than I was 2 years ago. I like walking foot quilting, and can do straightish and wavy lines well enough to please me. I try to make a potholder every quilt and I experiment on that before venturing on quilt. It gives me a bit of confidence. Also I have a quilting call my picnic quilt that has huge areas that I experiment with FMQ. It is on my list to finish.. the Fmq is so bad on it, though and so random ...


          I like to practice on placemats. They give me enough area to really get into a pattern, and then we can use them without worrying about spills, etc. My mom also really likes getting them.

          If I ever got it all together, I'd be too tired to do anything with it.


            Yes, try straight lines with your walking foot, like Old Newbie says. If you can piece, you can do straight or wavy lines. Also, if your machine has a serpentine stitch you could adjust the length/width of that stitch and give it a try. You might enjoy watching Jacquie Gering:


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              I practice my FMQing on ugly fabrics. Then either I cut them in smaller pads that I use as pot holders (my DH destroys them faster than I sew them when he BBQs) or cat mats that I place on the windowsill for my cat to bask on them. She doesn't mind the booboos. I have also used some between my frying pans when I pile them up. There are many domestic uses for bad samples. If they are a little better, they become cushion covers.


                The only advice I can offer is to take the smallest quilt, and plan out how you want to quilt it. Stich iin ditch is good, actually stitch next to ditch is better. Just have fun and don't stress over the finished product. It's better than a top sitting on a shelf.

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  get the right fm foot i.e open toe or closed for you and set the tension, grab on old pillow case, make a sandwich, all stitching will all look strange at first, keep going, try echoing and dont forget to breathe relax shoulders, you have got this. xx


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