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    Almost have it!

    Since we returned from the retreat Amanda and I have been trying to create that delicious spinach lasagna dinner. I have tried a couple times as did Amanda and each time we failed --not that our attempts were bad but just fell short of the creamy pasta dish we had at the retreat. Tonight my dish came very close, Amanda's hubby even enjoyed it. I still need to tweek the recipe a bit but with a few more tries we may have it.
    One yard of fabric, like one cookie, is never enough!

    Beth aka Asta

    Be sure to share when you finally get it all figured out!!


    2019 Fall Forum Retreat

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    2019 Fall Forum Retreat (September 29 – October 3, 2019 – Sunday - Thursday) in Hamilton, MO. Five days of fun, friendship, shopping, learning and quilting. This group is only for those who are registered to attend the 2019 Fall Forum Retreat in Hamilton, MO (For information on how you can sign up, please go to ) Your time is your own as you can participate in as many or few activities as you wish.
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