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    I can't come this year :(

    Hello dear friends,

    I hope everybody is well! I was looking forward to meeting with all of you again but, very sadly, I can't make it to the retreat this year.

    I have been teaching a class every fall for the past 6 years or so and committed to do it again this fall and usually that's no problem. This fall, the dates of the retreat and the first class meeting are too close together and I wouldn't be able to make it back home in time. I thought I could push the date to where it fits or find a colleague to fill in for me but I wasn't able to do either of those.

    However, for several reasons I already decided that this time is the last time teaching that class for me, so I promise to be back next year. I will miss being with all of you very much but I wish you a wonderful time and lots of fun!

    We will miss you this year
    I am looking forward to seeing you next year


      Yes, you will be missed. I think of you every time I use the wonderful geo bags we made last year. Look forward to seeing you next year.....


        I was looking forward to seeing you again this year. Hopefully, I will get to see you next year.



          You will be missed my friend. Sending love and prayers.
          Bernice :icon_wave:


            Looks like I'll be the only one of the original "Smokin' Hot Trio" that will be there. Sad I missed you and the Geo bag ... and now this news. And things were looking so good earlier this year ... I'll miss you and our time outs together!


              I will miss you but look forward to seeing you next year.



                We'll miss you. Enjoy your last class and look forward to next fall!


                  Thank you for being so sweet ladies, I was really excited to go again and now this...

                  Nancy, I was happy to see that you're coming this year and looked forward to seeing you again, too!

                  Judy, I hope next year the "Smokin' Hot Trio" will be complete again.


                    I will miss you, Roomie!


                      So sorry to hear this. Was looking forward to seeing you this year.
                      Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                        I’m going to miss you


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