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    Strip Game Info for New Players

    FOR THOSE OF YOU NEW TO THE GAME It's a game played with three or more people -- the more the merrier. Roll the dice, trade to the left, trade to the right, trade across the table, or steal from the kitty. We play 2 "rounds." 12 strips needed per round. Start with 6 in front of you and another 6 are put into the Kitty. So the total to play both rounds is 24. After round 1 seats are switched so you can have access to a larger variety of strips and meet more players.

    You would bring 24 strips that compliment the focus fabric. These strips can be from a purchased jelly roll or accurately cut from your stash. That's why I need to get the fabric to you in a timely manner - to ensure the strips you bring will be complimentary. No - You don't have to work on it at the retreat ... Yes - you will go home with the focus fabric (at least 1/2 yard or a panel once decided) Yes - you will go home with complimentary strips but the number is determined by the amount you win during the game. No - there is no charge for the focus fabric.

    Here's a link to people playing the game with embroidery floss for example. NOTE - start at 2 minutes and stop after the game is over - we aren't doing a challenge so you can ignore the comments.

    Sign up will start soon! (You may also want to add your preference to the other thread asking for input by Aug 25th.)
2019 Fall Forum Retreat

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2019 Fall Forum Retreat (September 29 – October 3, 2019 – Sunday - Thursday) in Hamilton, MO. Five days of fun, friendship, shopping, learning and quilting. This group is only for those who are registered to attend the 2019 Fall Forum Retreat in Hamilton, MO (For information on how you can sign up, please go to ) Your time is your own as you can participate in as many or few activities as you wish.
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