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    Re: THE STRIP GAME - your input needed!

    Hey Y'all - I am planning on having the optional Strip Game again on Sunday night. I've been having a terrible time finding a focus fabric for this year's game. I want to get the fabric to you the first week of September ... so I'd like your input. There are 3 options I have access to ... (1) a multicolored print like the Kaffe fabric last year (2) a bunny and egg theme children's panel or (3) one of the Master Artist series like Renoir Water Skiff or Van Gogh Iris or something similar. I'm very torn as to what would appeal to you players. Will try to post pics ....

    Would appreciate your advice (I know I'll get multiple opinions) of what you prefer PLUS an indication if you would like to play NO MATTER WHAT FABRIC is selected. I need to order (based on your input) by Sunday Aug 25th so timely input is requested.

    Sounds great Judy, count me in. Not really picky for the focus fabric but if pinned down my preference would be #1 Master Artists series #2 multi colored print and 3rd would be the bunny/egg print.

    Thanks for taking this on again.
    Beth AKA Asta
    One yard of fabric, like one cookie, is never enough!

    Beth aka Asta


      I want to play again this year. Doesn't matter I will play regardless, but My order of preference will be 1. Mastery artists, 2) bunny or 3) multi colored.


        I'll play again...... Pattern or fabric doesn't matter to me. I just had a good time last year!!


          I am definitely interested in playing this game again. Doesn't really matter to me but my preference would be: #1 - master artist, #2 - multicolored, #3 - bunny and egg theme. Can't wait!!!



            I got my quilt made from last year's haul, It's not fancy or quilt show worthy but brings nice memories to mind. I intend to bring it with me.

            On to your question... I liked the Kaffe fabric from last year. but I will likely join in this year regardless of what you choose.



              All of you should have received a msg asking for the number of players if you are coming with someone who also wants to play and the address of where to mail the panels to. Will have a very limited number of extras on hand for late joiners - first come first served.


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