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2018 Fall Forum Retreat

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    Thank you dear friends

    To all of you that attended this year a big thank you for sharing your time and talents. I have never met a more helpful and supportive group of women. For the ones of you who took time out of your day to teach others little tips and tricks you are truly a blessing to all of us. I for one was on the receiving end of some truly talented teachers. My heart is full with the love we shared.

    I hope you all arrive home safely and I look forward to seeing you next year.

    Hugs, Bernice
    Bernice :icon_wave:

    Thank you, Bernice, for all you do. It was a very enjoyable retreat and so good to see everyone again!


      Definitely thank you. You are the glue that helps hold us together.

      Thank you again


        The friends I have made at the retreats are the main reason I keep coming back.
        K is for Karen 😊​..................
        Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

        Before you speak,
        T - is it TRUE?
        H - is it HELPFUL?
        I - is it INSPIRING?
        N - is it NECESSARY?
        K - is it KIND?


          It's always good to see you Bernice, Thanks for the quilt tips you have a wealth of information!


            I agree with Karen. The friends made during retreats is what keeps bringing me back. Always learning something new too.


              What can I say, more than I dearly love you, and being able to spend time with you. The talent in our group, truly does amaze me. Getting to spend time with the friends I have made through the years, is truly a blessing in my life. The wealth of quilting knowledge is priceless. Thank you, for just being you, and loving me in spite of myself.
              Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                I always appreciate being in your presence, Bernice. You have a very calming effect and no so much. Thanks for being part of this group.


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