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2018 Fall Forum Retreat

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    Thank You

    Thank you everyone for being the great friends you are. I think this was the best retreat yet. All of you are so much fun and so helpful. I can’t imagine a retreat without you.

    Hope we all make it back next year with rings on our fingers and bells on our toes! Won’t that be interesting!

    Love ya

    Connie Jo you are such a joy to spend time with . Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Bernice :icon_wave:


      Veerrrrrrrryyyyyyy interesting!
      K is for Karen 😊​..................
      Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

      Before you speak,
      T - is it TRUE?
      H - is it HELPFUL?
      I - is it INSPIRING?
      N - is it NECESSARY?
      K - is it KIND?


        Loved getting to know you Connie Jo... We need to meet up soon. Congratulations on those new babies! What a blessing!


          Glad you made it home and safe, Connie Jo! It was great to see you again and so much fun!


            Loved your company. You are an inspiration to me with those teeny tiny pieces! Enjoy those new grand babies.


            2018 Fall Forum Retreat

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            2018 Fall Forum Retreat (September 23-27, 2017) in Hamilton, MO. Five days of fun, friendship, shopping, learning and quilting. This group is only for those who are registered to attend the 2018 Fall Forum Retreat in Hamilton, MO (For information on how you can sign up, please go to ) Your time is your own as you can participate in as many or few activities as you wish.
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