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    Weather Forecast

    Of course, it is Missouri, so the weather forecast can easily change. Currently, the forecast says storms and high of 85 of Thursday of the Birthday Bash. Then it cools off on Friday with only a high of 69. Saturday is call for a high of 69 with storms. Then for Sunday storms and 70. Monday is high of 72. Not sure what the rest of the time will be. So pack accordingly because it looks like you could been in to taste the wide range of weather in Missouri.

    Also consider throwing in a jacket and a small fan for the retreat center because you may become hot or cold.

    Currently, it is not even noon yet and we are already at 85 going to a high of 90. I think the weather is very confused this year.

    Thanks for the update.... been watching the extended forecasts but never can tell how accurate they are. Glad to hear there will be some rain coming as it might help the drought in the area. Safe travels everyone!!


      I like this forecast (even with the rain) because the last two birthday bashes were extremely hot.


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