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    Sewing Machines

    As I was winding bobbins last night for me to use at the retreat, I remembered that I wanted to tell you about the retreat sewing machines. The retreat center has the Babylock Katherine sewing machine available for use during retreat. And the retreat center has the "Sewing essentials" kit (cutting board, rotary cutter, ruler, scissors) available for use during retreat as available.

    To make it easier at check-in time, please PM me if you need these so they can be on your table waiting for you when you get to the retreat.

    Also if you are interested in the new Eversewn sewing machines, you will find them located in the MSQC Machine Shed store.

    When I looked back at my retreat booking it showed I had reserved a sewing machine...... don't remember doing this as I plan on bringing my own. So if there is a limited number available please use it for someone else. Will there be cutting mats for us to use if we bring our own rotary cutters?

    Lisa Meadows


      Yes, there are cutting mats to use.


        I don't know yet. I guess get one out for me and I can put it away if I bring my own. Or is less trouble if we wait until I get there and don't bring one and need it. Either way I am good.


          I have decided, I do need a sewing machine.


            I will put you down for one.


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