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    Room for Thur-Sun during Birthday Bash......

    FYI...... if there is anyone who wanted to come in a few days early to the Birthday Bash but couldn't get a room, I have a reservation for 2 queen beds in my room and would be happy to share. I realize I haven't met you guys but I feel like I know a lot of you already from your posts and I would hate for someone to miss out on the "party" just because they forgot to book a room!!

    I will be arriving Thur. afternoon so I have the room Thur/Fri/Sat nights.

    Be safe traveling everyone!!

    Very nice of you to offer! Fortunately some of us made reservations even before the bash was over. Hope someone can take you up on the offer ... Cameron is booked solid!


      I've had this booked since Jan and thought a friend would be making the cross country trip with me but her plans changed so I now have the extra bed. Was hoping it wouldn't go to waste!


        Thanks for the offer, but as Judy said, some of us have had reservations since the last retreat. I am staying with Kensington for a couple of days before I meet up with my roomies in Cameron on Friday.
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          I may take you up on that offer. I have a room for Saturday night but I could cancel that and come in on Friday night. Give me a call, azmotogirl, let's see if we can work it out.
          Sue (606-549-0110) H
          (606-524-6222) C


            Sorry Sue..... I have already found a roommate for those nights. Should have posted earlier but we had a flood in our bathroom and I have been ripping out flooring trying to retile before I leave for the retreat.


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