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    Just 3 weeks and a couple sleeps...

    Just 3 weeks and a couple sleeps... til retreat happens! Counting the sleeps, that's how we counted the time to Daddy coming home from deployment when they were little. They were always asking "When is daddy coming home"... so as Homecoming got closer and we started the activities like making banners and signs etc for the BIG Homecoming celebration... we counted down the sleeps. Just 30 sleeps or 10 sleeps, 7 sleeps, 4 sleeps... 1 sleep. They were easily settled into bed knowing that they were marking those sleeps off.

    So... Here's to 3 weeks and a couple of sleeps til Retreat 2018!

    20 sleeps and a wake up until we start our travels to M*!

    Happiness is a FULL bobbin!


      19 sleeps til I see you. So looking forward to spending time together before, and during the retreat.
      Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



        I better get busy planning the project I want to work on!!


          Wow, when you look at that way it shows how close it really is. I can make the drive in one day but I will be leaving in just 15 sleeps away. I am attenting and teaching at another retreat ( Runaway Quilters ) before I get to "our" retreat. Looking forward to it.


            I can’t wait, this is my first “Retreat” with you all! Hubby will be parked at the Pony Express Campground while I’m at the retreat...then we will be working our way to Arizona for the winter.

            Where is Runaway Quilters at?


              The Runaway Quilter's Retreat is held at Mount Maple, KY. ABout 10 miles south of Owensboro, KY. I think they said this was their 31st retreat, it will be my first year going to it.


              2018 Fall Forum Retreat

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              2018 Fall Forum Retreat (September 23-27, 2017) in Hamilton, MO. Five days of fun, friendship, shopping, learning and quilting. This group is only for those who are registered to attend the 2018 Fall Forum Retreat in Hamilton, MO (For information on how you can sign up, please go to ) Your time is your own as you can participate in as many or few activities as you wish.
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