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    Retreat Packing List Ideas

    We have some new attendees this year plus there are some changes from previous years. I know it is still early but several have asked what to bring, so I thought this would help everyone to start figuring out what they want to bring. Below is a list of Retreat Packing items that might help you figure out what you want to pack. This is a list from several years of what people bring – please don’t feel like you need to bring everything on the list as this is to just give you some ideas of what you might want to bring.

    ***Please label your items as many have the same brand of item or things are borrowed and it is easier to return the items to the owner.***

    Wrapped layer cake or jelly roll if you wish to participate in the Sunday night game (this replaces doing favors)
    One Door prize if you wish to participate - just one door prize as we have changed from last year
    Jelly roll strips if you are doing the strip game on Sunday night
    Show and tell items if you would like to share something you have made with the group
    Special PJs if you wish to participate in the Tuesday PJ Day (prizes will be awarded)
    If you have anything you want to get rid of, we will have the “I Don’t Want It, You Can Have It” table again this year
    Donation of $5 for the charity quilt supplies

    A lot of this list is what Sandy Navas wrote two years. And others added to it as additional things were thought of.
    My camera and battery charger or extra batteries (additional Memory Card for Camera if needed)
    My cell phone and charger
    My personal chair (if convenient) or a chair cushion
    *Missouri Star Retreat Center has chairs and tables (each person will have a 2ft by 4 ft table to themselves) available
    My cutting mat
    My rotary cutter and extra blades
    My sewing machine with presser feet, foot control, power cord, and lots of bobbins (don't forget the 1/4 inch foot and walking foot)
    *Missouri Star has some machines available to rent for free - this can be done through Eventbrite
    My extension cord or power strip (MSQC has plenty of these)
    Fabric marking pens, pencils, and a Sharpie
    A notebook and/or sketch pad
    My Ott light or work light (if desired)
    My thread catcher/pincushion
    My personal fan
    My rulers and templates (what I will need for my planned projects)
    My scissors, both paper and cloth, thread snippers
    My machine screwdriver (for changing feet and needles)
    My seam ripper (hopefully I won't need it)
    My starch or sizing
    Sticky labels for marking my supplies
    Tape, painter's tape and Scotch tape
    My needles and thimble (both machine and hand sewing needles, if you please)
    My thread
    My planned projects separated into small totes or zip-lock bags
    My patterns
    Small fun projects for when I get tired and need to switch off and kick back (zipper bags, pincushions, etc.)
    Scraps to test my machine tension and to use for Leaders and Enders
    Notions for my planned projects
    A measuring tape
    Quilter's glue (if you use it - Elmer's school glue or a washable glue stick)
    Extra zip-lock bags

    *It is suggested to plan your projects well in advance, package planned projects with all items necessary for that project completion. That may involve precutting blocks, including extra fabric, the pattern, thread for completing the project, zippers, buttons, batting, backing, binding, etc.

    Missouri Star has irons and ironing board stations set up, along with some cutting stations and design walls

    Additional items for personal comfort

    My glasses
    Prescriptions and medicines
    A refillable water bottle (with a cover to prevent spills)
    Pain killers
    Nail file
    Lip balm
    Hand lotion
    Layered clothing
    Comfortable shoes, slippers, fuzzy socks
    Snacks to share (some should try to be healthy)
    Stain remover pen


    If staying at the retreat center, a robe, PJs, slippers, hairdryer, personal bathroom items
    Shopping list
    Gift Cards

    Mints or hard candy
    Tweezers (helps to grab tiny threads if needed)
    Lint roller helps to remove threads and stuff from clothes or project
    Not necessary but was helpful to me - laptop/Ipad (and headphones) these came in handy when I was working on a new project, I just played and paused as I sewed through the project
    empty sterlite tote or two left in the van to put my purchases in that way they are don't end up all over the van.
    Pinking shears
    Spray adhesive if you use it
    My sewing box of notions (Pins, needles, machine tools, extra feet, tape measures, etc)
    Revolving mat
    Kits of projects
    IPod with music, dock and headphones
    a little notepad and pencil for jotting down notes or sharing phone numbers/emails
    projects in bags

    Soda pop or favorite nonalcoholic drink
    My Missouri Star tumbler for drinks (MSQC provides flavored water, coffee and tea) with name on it
    Surge protector with enough plug ins for all your stuff (MSQC does have several of these)
    Shelf liner or mat to put under sewing machine
    Spray bottle for ironing
    Mini iron
    Mini ironing board
    Wooden Seam Press
    Any item that you would like Jenny to sign – Jenny will not be able to be at the retreat so please visit with her at the MSQC Birthday Bash

    Fabrics and supplies for the mini classes (if you wish) – two classes are planned for Sunday & MSQC is closed on Sunday – A list of items will be posted on one post - right now each class has it’s own post where you can ask questions if you need to.
    A U-haul to carry everything in
    Pillowcases (if you want to make some to donate)
    Children’s Hospital Quilts (if you would like to donate one)


    Thanks for the info..... I am new to retreats and this is a great list to get me thinking.


      Thank you for 6he valuable information! I’m one of the newbies!!!


        If you bring everything on the list your husband will think you are never returning home. If you don't bring everything on the list you will need exactly what you didn't bring.

        I am once again looking forward to this trip and seeing you all.



          I usually waaaay over pack. gonna try to not do that this year.
          Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



            Wait, does that mean I have to bring my own thread?
            K is for Karen 😊​..................
            Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

            Before you speak,
            T - is it TRUE?
            H - is it HELPFUL?
            I - is it INSPIRING?
            N - is it NECESSARY?
            K - is it KIND?


              No Karen we have you covered!!!!
              Bernice :icon_wave:


                No Karen, I will bring both boxes of thread, lol.....and pinking shears...
                Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



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