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    What is your preference?

    For the Game we are to bring a layer cake or jelly roll and as I sit here planning I keep going back and forth between the two for what to bring. Do you prefer one over the other? How about the fabric style/theme, brights? kids? traditional? I keep seeing DD and think about getting one for this but then I think-I should not be thinking.

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    i have a bunch of both...but prefer jelly rolls. Love making things with strips, and strip sets.
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      Haha, boy, you are nice! I bought one that *I* liked to bring for the exchange.
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        Been a while ... I've got to go back and read it again .... I originally thought the game was the Strip Game like we played last year; but maybe it's another game? Hope Charyti can chime in and clarify.


          Judy, I believe this is in place of the gift exchange/favor exchange. I hope we are still on for the strip game also.

          Happiness is a FULL bobbin!


            Judy, this is different than the strip game. This is what is taking place of the gift exchange/favor exchange. This will be similar to what we played on Sunday night last year only we will be using jellyrolls and layercakes instead of people having to make something. As far was what to bring, you can bring either a jellyroll OR a layercake that is wrapped so no one knows the fabric print.

            Judy, we are leaving you in charge of handling the strip game.


              Just stopped in to read this...I've been looking at DD and couldn't remember which...


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